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Ensure your network has the people and tools in place

With our Managed Customer Premises equipment (CPE) service, you can ensure your network is properly maintained. Discover all the advantages of our professional service solutions for CPE systems.
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Optimise your business network infrastructure

Running a successful enterprise network infrastructure requires more than simply selecting a good combination of technologies. To ensure long-term maintenance and cost-effectiveness in your network, you also need dependable management and administration – in particular, reliable oversight over the performance and operational efficiency of your network routers and switches.

Our fully managed services make it possible for you to allocate your resources and IT employees to other important tasks that help build your company. China Telecom (Europe)’s managed CPE network lets you take full advantage of:

● Fully managed services
● Full customer support
● High-performance network management
● Cost-effective CPE systems
● Tailored end-to-end solutions

Our engineers can design, build, and maintain your network with flexible, cost-effective management solutions that won’t strain your budget or force you to sacrifice performance. Instead, we help you fully optimise your WAN architecture and get the most value out of your IT and network capital investments. Reduce the need for extensive management and maintenance and allow your business to run more efficiently. Our experienced technical specialists will manage your CPE network for you.

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Have the right tools for your office networks

Take advantage of our flexible and comprehensive cost-effective solution

Our low-cost Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solution is an excellent value-added feature that empowers you to focus on your business without worrying about the performance of your data connections by outsourcing router and equipment management to China Telecom (Europe). We provide you and your customers with a fully safe end-to-end solution with a single point of contact.

Our expert network engineers build and maintain your network so that you can spend time doing what you do best – growing your business. We provide highly customisable solutions per the unique requirements and needs of each site fully optimising our customer’s WAN architecture.

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Multicloud Access

Flexible Managed Services to get the job done

What is Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)?

A Customer Premise Equipment, as the name might suggest, is equipment that is available at the customer’s location. Examples can be telephones, routers, gateways or network switches. It can also refer to equipment that finishes a Wide Area Network (WAN) circuit. A CPE makes it possible to connect with the provider’s (your company), traditionally through a Local Area Network (LAN).

We understand that the need for global connectivity is important to many businesses today, which is why your Customer Premise Equipment is connected via our Software Defined WAN through a digital cloud. Stay in close contact with your key customers regardless of geographical distance.

The previously mentioned examples like routers and modems are what we call active equipment. There is also equipment categorised as passive, where Private Branch Exchanges are a quite common example. A CPE network tailored to your needs will make it easier to reach out directly to your customers. It will then make it possible for you to continuously provide the best service – no matter the distance.

All this equipment does of course require maintenance and management. We help you get the most out of the different technologies by providing extensive and professional management. We are of course available at any given time with 24/7 support. Our multilingual IT experts are ready for all your support enquiries.

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What is CPE?

Key benefits of our Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) service

Increased flexibility and scalability

Seamless integration with Managed Security (NetCare)

Local IT equipment sourcing, leasing, maintenance and repair

Managed configuration changes, lock downs and updates

Onsite hardware maintenance, upgrades and optimisation

24/7 certified multilingual customer service and dedicated project management teams