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Connect your staff around the world with China Telecom (Europe)’s Global Private Branch Exchange (GPBX) solution

With our GPBX service you can reach all your branches worldwide via extension numbers.
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Connect all branches worldwide via VPN for convenient voice services

The GPBX service forms a VPN among corporate customers and their branches throughout the world so that the users can enjoy convenient voice services around the world via extension numbers. The extension numbers of a corporate customer can be distributed in different countries and regions, and served by different operators.

A corporate customer can apply for one or more local numbers as its general number(s) in the country or region where such a service is available, and then distribute extension numbers to its individual employees. The calling party can dial the local access number (general number) to access the GPBX service, and then follow the voice prompts to connect to the extension numbers.

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Connect all your brands with GPBX

Key benefits of our GPBX service

Global coverage and local access to meet the communication needs of transnational enterprises

Access by unified number to improve corporate image

Extension-based service billing to effectively control enterprise costs

Convenient and flexible self-service management

Communication assistant as a telephone secretary

Extend the coverage of your call centre

How your business can benefit from our GPBX solution

A corporate customer can, according to the distribution of its branches, apply for one or more local numbers as its general number(s) in each country or region, and then distribute extension numbers to its individual employees. Meanwhile, calling parties can just dial the local general number to access China Telecom (Europe)’s GPBX service. In addition to that, the enterprise and its branches can use an unified general number granted to access the service.

The extension users of an enterprise can move freely around the world by binding their extension numbers to their real numbers. The calling party only needs to know the extension number, not the real number, to connect to the called party.

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Benefits of Global Private Branch Exchange (GPBX)

How GPBX service can be tailored to your business’ needs

Corporate customers are provided with many value-added services, such as extension transits, three-party services and conference calls. They can flexibly select and use various services on the service platform by dialling the general number to enhance both, internal and external communications. Besides, our extension-based billing service can effectively control the costs for your business. The service charges incurred by each extension user is paid by the enterprise. The enterprise can preset consumption limits according to ranks or positions in order to control costs. Detailed call lists can also be provided.

Corporate customers are provided with Web self-service so that they can set various features themselves, including extension-service management such as the initiation or suspension of extension numbers, number binding and list queries. They can also record and upload their personalised voice menus, and manage and query their accounts as needed.

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Global Private Branch Exchange

How to serve your customer best with our GPBX service

The system can provide extension users with a voice mailbox. Any call not answered will be automatically forwarded to the voice mailbox to remind the calling party to leave a message. The extension users can also set email addresses for receiving the messages. The system will send the messages to the email addresses after receiving them.

GPBX service can also extend the coverage of your call: We may provide access number for abroad customers who want to use service of call centre that is located at home. Voice traffic from abroad customers are directed to domestic call centre by GPBX which may provide function of voice navigation.

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