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Effectively deliver your digital content to the world

With China Telecom (Europe)’s high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN), your business can deliver content seamlessly to your users.
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Revolutionised Content Delivery

China Telecom (Europe) is revolutionising content delivery, using industry-leading internet backbone to develop a sophisticated, tested Content Delivery Network (CDN). We increase the efficiency of content delivery by spreading the load over the caching and streaming nodes nearest to the target audience in our worldwide distribution.

Our CDN solution provides you with a high-performance, highly scalable service, simply and cost-effectively. It delivers a variety of content including video downloads, video streaming (on-demand and live), online gaming, software downloads and patches, user-generated content, music and audio downloads and website acceleration.

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Streaming content delivery

Benefit from China Telecom (Europe)’s tools your business needs to deliver Internet-based content

Many of today’s most profitable and in-demand products aren’t material objects, but exist only as digital downloads and streamed multimedia. Transmission speed and reliability can make the difference between a late arrival and a resounding marketplace success.

China Telecom (Europe) provides the range of tools your business needs to efficiently deliver your internet-based content to the world. From high-volume streaming and downloads of videos and music, to the low-latency demands of software downloads and online gaming, our worldwide CDN network ensures high performance content delivery when you need it most.

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With China Telecom (Europe)’s Content Delivery Network you get:

With China Telecom (Europe)’s Content Delivery Network you get:

Adaptive media delivery through our sophisticated content recognition and configuration technology that automatically adapts your content to your customers’ devices and network configurations, making end-to-end delivery straightforward.

Full network control with China Telecom (Europe)’s CDN that is one of the world’s best connected networks. We deliver your content to last mile networks, without relying on third party transit providers and their routing policies.

Reliable, easy to use storage choices including our secure origin, external file and cloud-based storage options, that fully optimise for your specific technical requirements. Upload your content via Aspera, FTP, SFTP, R-Sync and SCP. We store and back up your data securely using the latest firewall and data retention technologies.

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Video streaming

Key benefits of our Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Accelerated speeds based on China Telecom (Europe)’s CDN architecture that ensures speedy, reliable online content delivery.

Customised service packages because unique needs require unique services

Advanced streaming such as streaming on demand, live broadcasts, and adaptive streaming media over HTTP, plus Dynamic Content Packaging (DCP) of adaptive streaming media in HDS and HLS formats

Detailed reporting to monitor your CDN activities thoroughly using our web-based media portal. Content analytics, real time usage reports, log file queries, and effectiveness and reach tracking are all available.

Enhanced security to prevent, enable and protect your deliveries, with our advanced geographic IP filtering, token authentication, and SSL encryption technologies.

Platform intelligence based on adaptive network optimisation features, built directly into our CDN platform to ensure your traffic is always delivered over the most efficient available path

How a Content Delivery Network works – and how it is beneficial to you

A content delivery network stores a cached version of all of its content in different geographic locations to reduce the distance between the website’s servers and the visitors. This is known as points of presence (PoP) and each PoP provides visitors with content within its proximity.

For instance, this means that a visitor living in the United Kingdom who wishes to access content that originates from a China-based server will experience slow content loading times. However, with a CDN you can eliminate this issue since the CDN will store content in a local United Kingdom PoP which is much closer to the visitor, which results in faster loading times, performance and a better overall user experience.

A content delivery network can provide you with:
Faster load times: Better connectivity results in more page views, less abandonment of the website and more engagement from visitors.
Improved quality of delivered content: CDN improves the quality of streaming on demand, live-broadcasts and video calls making buffering and poor image and video quality less of an issue for visitors.
Reduced consumption of bandwidth: Fewer data transfers are needed with a CDN since content is stored closer to the visitors which means that an organisation can reduce its bandwidth consumption.
Improved latency: Latency measures how long time it takes for data requested by the visitor to reach its destination across the network.
Improved security: With analytics and automation CDN monitor for DDoS attacks and respond by limit request rates.

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