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Fully manage your Global Multi-Cloud Access

With our single Global Multi-Cloud Access solution, you can reach multiple public cloud platforms like Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Future-proof your business and access the global cloud today with multi-cloud services by China Telecom (Europe).
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Getting lost in the complexity of using multiple clouds?

Digitisation towards cloud technology continues to transform how many businesses operate today. Cloud solutions are providing innovative advances like working from anywhere, anytime to real-time analytics and data to just-in-time operations. However, many of these technologies are deployed globally using a number of providers with cloud centres based in many different parts of the world. Accessing multiple clouds is becoming a complex norm.

Cloud migration has become a pivotal requirement for many forward-looking businesses, yet organising and managing it all is not easy. China Telecom (Europe) promises an easy-to-use and reliable multi-cloud environment with our Global Multi-Cloud Access solution to take your company’s cloud strategy up to modern standards.

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Refocus your cloud strategy

Simplify connections with Global Multi-cloud Access

China Telecom (Europe), as a global technology leader, provides a single solution that lets you reach the cloud platforms that your business needs from Alibaba Cloud to Microsoft Azure and more. Our solution employs a better way to ensure connection to SaaS and other cloud-hosted products like Office 365 and Salesforce. Your business can establish fast, reliable and secure connections from your offices, data centres or co-location environments around the world.

We use dedicated layer 2 or layer 3 connectivity for reliable and secure transmission between data centres and cloud services. By choosing our Global Multi-cloud Access solution, you get a pre-provisioned service, where you can monitor, configure and manage your processes via our user-friendly Self-Service Portal.

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Multicloud Access

Global Multi-cloud Access

Avoid downtime disasters

The use of multi-cloud takes full advantage of multiple cloud computing systems and cloud storage services and combining them in a singular network. By taking advantage of several cloud platform services, software services and infrastructure services, your company can reduce the reliance on a single provider. Combining the best of each provider, you can fully customise your multi-cloud strategy to suit your business’ needs.

Among the benefits of deploying a multi-cloud strategy is therefore also a reduced risk of downtime and loss of vital data. SLA (Service Level Agreement) Guarantee ensures high availability around the clock. By combining SLA’s from multiple providers you can be even more sure that the risk of downtime will have minimal impact on your operations.

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Global Multi-cloud Access

Step into the future of IT with multi-cloud

Our Global Multi-Cloud Access is suited for modern requirements
By establishing a multi-cloud environment from multiple cloud providers, your IT infrastructure can help reach new heights for your business. Many enterprises, who wish to become more agile and modernise their IT solutions, turn to a multi-cloud infrastructure. Benefits include:

● More frequent innovations.
● Lower costs.
● faster time-to-market.

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Global Multi-cloud Access

Enjoy the benefits of fast-speed and high security

If your business functions require a strict security level, you have the option to keep your private data safe in a private cloud for full control.

By using a multi-cloud environment, you can access the closest data centre in proximity to the user, which eases communication processes between you and the server.

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Global Multi-cloud Access

Key benefits of our Global Multi-cloud Access

Fast provisioning of cloud services with turnaround as quick as 24 hours

Elastic scalability that lets you go from bandwidths of 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Full control of your cloud infrastructure in a single self-service portal

Worldwide connectivity that can be used across most cloud platforms

Fully compliant with Chinese regulations.

Comprehensive and secure including end-to-end encryption

How our Global Multi-cloud Access solution works

Using China Telecom (Europe)’s cloud service provider API and Software Defined Network (SDN) based transmission backbone network, you are able to get a pre-provisioned service that you can monitor, configure and manage using our self-service portal. Our Global Multi-cloud Access solution reduces the time and effort when using multiple clouds. And as with all our products, the connection to cloud platforms across China is secure and compliant with local Chinese regulations.

You have the option to choose between two scenarios depending on your need. Scenario 1 includes P2P (peer-to-peer) connection from the cloud to the on-premise customer site. Scenario 2 includes a more complex multi-site (any to any) elastic connection.

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fiber connections

Bundle with any underlay solution

Bundle with any connectivity underlay option

Our Global Multi-cloud Access solution is versatile add-on to any of our diverse connectivity underlay options such as Point to Point (P2P) Ethernet lines, MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Software Defined WAN. We work with your business to consult on how best to plan and implement your Global Multi-cloud Access solution. Our industry leading SLAs and support options will give you the confidence to focus on what matters most in your cloud transformation strategy.

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Bundle with any underlay solution

Secure and flexible hybrid clouds

As users of cloud services, your business can turn to either public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. We have developed our very own hybrid cloud environment, which includes the best of both worlds, incorporating high flexibility and reliable security measures. We use End-to-end encryption and dedicated connectivity in order to transfer data between data centres and private or public clouds, making for a high-performing hybrid multi-cloud environment to suit modern requirements.

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Bundle with any underlay solution

Access the multi-cloud today

Are you looking to change course and implement a multi-cloud environment into your business operations? By choosing China Telecom (Europe) as your partner, you gain access to proven global connectivity, fast delivery and elastic scalability via our Global Multi-Cloud Access solution. Achieve strong and secure cross-border connectivity with CTE. We offer versatile and compatible multi-cloud solutions tailored to your business.

You can also easily access the rich opportunities of the Chinese market via China Telecom (Europe) are leading multi-cloud providers in China. If you are planning on cloud migration with Chinese subsidiaries or looking to enter the Chinese market, our Global Multi-Cloud Access services will help you simplify your business processes.

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Bundle with any underlay solution