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China offers enormous potential for European business. Ensure that last mile connection with China Telecom (Europe).
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Connecting businesses to China can be complex

Having a large ecosystem of routes for telecommunications is no easy feat. It takes years, sometimes decades, to build the extensive connections that customers need to do business.

Now, many business customers are looking for new opportunities for growth in China, one of the largest economies in the world. That brings new challenges for their business, and for yours. It means being informed and complying with local regulations, as well as building infrastructure in a country where you don’t have experience or contacts. How can your telecoms business provide the connections to China that European businesses need?

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Connecting in China is complex

Expand into China with China Telecom (Europe) for strong connections and expert advice

China Telecom (Europe) equals telecommunications in China

China Telecom (Europe) are the largest provider of telecommunication services to businesses in China. Our extensive network of cables and Points of Presence (PoPs) covers all Chinese cities and encompasses all 21 provinces of Southern China. With our connections you can provide customers setting up or expanding their operations in China with the fastest speeds available to European businesses.

China Telecom (Europe) services are fully compliant with Chinese regulations and laws

Give your customers peace of mind by offering fully compliant solutions for China. We have been working for years with Telecom providers in Europe to help them connect businesses in China. Whatever solution you need – including MPLS VPN, IEPL, SD-WAN and cloud services – we have the technology to complement what you already offer to your European business customers.

Key benefits of China Telecom (Europe) for Telecom providers

Fully compliant solutions in China for uninterrupted data traffic

High-speed connections to fulfil latency and bandwidth requirements of demanding customers

One stop shop for breadth of connectivity and ICT solutions for Chinese offices

Expertise in the Chinese market to add to your existing experience

Local support in China to ensure your customers are fully supported

Extensive coverage in China in cities and complete coverage of all 21 provinces in Southern China

An overview of our key solutions

Global Internet Access

Premium internet service within and to China

China Telecom (Europe) ‘s Global Internet Access (GIA) fast, reliable and secure solution to fit your clients’ needs in accessing the Chinese market. Using China Telecom’s CN2, you can provide a dedicated path and the lowest latency routes to China.

ChinaNet Access

Cost-effective internet resources so you can provide stable connections to China.

China Telecom (Europe) ‘s ChinaNet Access gives you the ability to provide extensive internet coverage of China to your business clients. They can stay connected with the large Chinese market with fully compliant internet access in China.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions

Keep your cross border connection secure and reliable

China Telecom (Europe) delivers secure and reliable connections between Europe and China with our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. Whether you want to offer a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN or a Virutal Private LAN Service (VPLS) VPN, our team of China experts are able to advise and implement these connectivity solutions to ensure consistent connection across borders.

International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL)

Fully managed network for performance, speed and security

China Telecom (Europe) provides International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL) that allow your clients to choose dedicated, point to point or point to multi-point international connectivity between Europe and China. Your able to offer our large number of Points of Presence (PoPs) as well as those from are partnerships to better connect offices and data across the globe. Ensure your business has the fastest connections to offer for accessing data and communicating; so that, your clients can make those important split second decisions.

Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN)

Digitally transform to future proof business connectivity

China Telecom (Europe) ‘s software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution is a flexible, secure solution to fit any size business. Our SD-WAN solution is feature rich to provide exactly what businesses need for connectivity between Europe and Asia. And, it’s fully compliant to China’s cyber-security regulations.

Cloud solutions

Empower businesses to work from anywhere, anytime

China Telecom (Europe) provides comprehensive cloud solutions to move businesses to the cloud. Whether you are gradually moving your business with a hybrid cloud model or completely removing on premise servers and going fully into the cloud, we have the solutions to fulfill your needs. We are cloud agnostic from Alibaba Cloud to Microsoft Azure.  And, we work with you to develop and implement your cloud strategy for yourself and your clients’ businesses, today and into the future.

ICT and Managed services

Set up for success with a team of technology experts

China Telecom (Europe) helps you develop a high tech office space and can work with you and your clients’ business on the ground to ensure technology needs are met. We use our expertise in hardware, software and connectivity solutions to take the stress out of IT. We are your outsourced IT team ready to help when needed.  Focus on what matters most rather than getting stuck in the details of the planning and setting up of technology.