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One simple step to reduce risk

China Telecom (Europe)’s Rapid Body Temperature Screening Systems help you to protect the health of your business and your people.
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Prepare your workplace for the new way of working

As businesses and governments require greater vigilance and extra safety measures in office spaces, restaurants, retail shops and public areas, smart solutions can help you keep your people safe and reduce risk.

Temperature screening is an effective way for businesses to minimise health risks in their operations. China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s Body Temperature Screening Systems allow you to conduct fast, accurate checks of everyone who uses your premises. All devices are network-capable, connecting to your existing network infrastructure from CTE, to keep your operations teams up to date and ready to respond.

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Body Temperature Screening Systems

Key benefits of our Body Temperature Screening Systems

Contactless scanners for safe checks

Immediate readings allow real-time rapid response

Speedy notifications with over-temperature alarms

Highly accurate results with as little as ±0.5°C variation

High volume inspections for minimal waiting

Connect to your network infrastructure for updates and alerts