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History of China Telecom (Europe)

Founded in 2006, China Telecom (Europe) has been building our local presence longer than any other major Chinese Telecom.
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China Telecom (Europe) (CTE) was founded in 2006 as a representative office to look after the European business of China Telecommunications Corporation, the telecom industry leader in China.

We are headquartered in London.

Our main office in Canary Wharf, a central business hub in London continues to grow year on year. Our teams work together to deliver services to business and organisations of all shapes and sizes across Europe with many operations centralised from London.

With regional offices and support centres in Europe.

Our local teams are spread across 20 countries and growing in Europe. Outside of our HQ, our people are located in Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

History of China Telecom (Europe)

View our historical timeline below to understand more of the history behind China Telecom (Europe).


China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. establishes presence in Ireland and opens up local Technical Assistance Centre in Eastern Europe to provide greater levels of support to our clients.


China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. sets up in Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Luxembourg and establishes presence in Austria and Greece.


LLC “China Telecom BLR” is founded in Belarus; China Telecom (Europe) Limited also sets up in Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain and Bulgaria.


China Telecom (France) Limited is established.


China Telecom (Europe) Limited acquires presence in Turkey and opens up a local subsidiary.


China Telecom (Deutschland) GmbH launches.


Limited Liability Company “China Telecom” is established in Russia.


China Telecom (Europe) Limited is founded and headquartered in London, UK.


China Telecom Americas is established.


China Telecommunications Corporation is founded. Its first office outside of Mainland China is established in Hong Kong.

China opens up

In 1979, the Chinese government looks to open areas of the Chinese economy to foreign investment and competition through a series of market-oriented legislative and legal changes.