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A secure SMS messaging platform with efficient delivery
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Short Message Service (SMS) to improve your customer experiences

Billions of text messages are sent daily around the globe. Our Application-to-Person (A2P) technology is designed for providing your customers with a high delivery rate, high security and low latency messaging service. It is perfect for businesses with the need for Short Message Service (SMS) messaging to their customers’ phones like retailers, financial service providers such as banks and hospitality services such as hotel bookings. China Telecom (Europe)’s platform connects directly to Mobile Network Operators (MNO) that deliver SMS in over 200 countries.

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SMS Service around the globe

How an efficient, personalised messaging platform can work for you

Increase your conversion rate by sending only relevant, personalised messages with powerful automated workflows. Our self-service SMS portal provides quality service with no extra interconnection required. This means that A2P messaging can be set up with ease without the need of additional specialist support. CTE’s A2P SMS service can support all types of messages, including one-time passwords, room booking confirmations and promotional offers. Messages can be sent from either public IP or IPSEC interconnection, allowing for a secure, compliant and efficient delivery based on your business needs. CTE provides an API gateway which supports multiple connection methods – with backup routings for each destination. This ensures excellent routing quality at a manageable cost per SMS.

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Excellent routing quality at a manageable cost

Key Benefits of our A2P Solution

China Telecom (Europe) provides customers with the highest SLAs in the internet industry, delivered through our high-quality internet backbone service.

• Personalised, automated messaging connecting to MNO and SMS providers in 200 countries
• Self-service SMS portal, ready to use with no extra interconnection required
• Secure delivery and high delivery rate
• Supports different types of messages including one-time passwords
• Messages sent via public IP or IPSEC interconnection, enabling secure and efficient delivery

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A2P SMS technology helps to enhance customer experiences

As the proportion of the population using online shopping and home delivery services continues to increase, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding for accurate information for delivery times. Courier companies are increasingly keeping customers up to date via SMS, providing regular alerts as the delivery driver draws near. CTE provides a stable web portal for our retail and logistics customers where couriers can log in and send SMS messages to customers directly. CTE customers can utilise our user-friendly solution, with fast delivery on an established platform. The self-service portal can also be used to send personalised promotional messages and discount information – providing support to omni-channel activities that help better empower customer loyalty programs.

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Send SMS messages to customers directly