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Connectivity around the world

Benefit from different internet transit options
with China Telecom (Europe)’s Global Internet Protocol (IP) Transit
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Strong and reliable connectivity around the world

Does utilising the internet to its maximum strength play an important part in your business? Benefit from different internet transit options with China Telecom (Europe)’s Global Internet Protocol (IP) Transit. We are your leading IP transit provider for stronger global internet connectivity, which provides an essential backbone for modern businesses.

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Strong and reliable connectivity around the world

How to optimise your global connectivity

China Telecom (Europe)’s Global Internet Service (GIS) delivers connectivity around the world using CN2 (China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network AS 4809). Our solutions have the highest resilience and lowest latency. By connecting to China Telecom’s CN2, global telecom operators benefit from differentiated IP transit services. You will experience:

● Scalable bandwidth
● Outstanding internet connectivity
● Flexible billing options
● Rich product features

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CN2 low latency, high resilience connection

Get fast IP transit services with our Next Generation Carrier Network (CN2)

China Telecom (Europe)’s CN2 global transit can achieve as fast convergence as 500 ms on average, 8 equal path load sharing, and smooth re-starting based on IGP/BGP protocol, and full grid multicast. Leveraging extensive connections to global top-level upstream partnerships and a wealth of terrestrial and submarine cables, CN2 provides high-speed and low-latency transit service.

Average Network Latency:
Hong Kong – Mainland China < 50 ms
Singapore – Mainland China < 80 ms
Asia (Intra-Asia) < 150 ms
Europe – Asia < 240 ms
Transatlantic < 90 ms
Transpacific < 130 ms

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Fast transit services

Key Benefits of our Global Internet Service (GIS)

Worldwide coverage with more than 300 PoPs including all China’s cities and major cities worldwide

Safety policy ensuring network security with AS-SET updates, DNS Registry and Anti-DDoS service

Web-based customer portal where you get reports on your link usage and network performance

24/7 proactive network with highly qualified engineers managing and monitoring performance

High SLAs delivering 99.9% service availability and 99.99% network availability

Fast service provisioning runs on average 30 business days and faster in major cities.

What is a Wide Area Network?

A Wide Area Network (WAN), is a private network that allows you to connect to each other in a larger geographical area. A local Area Network (LAN) is mostly limited to a home or a singular location. The expansive telecommunications network facilitates a reliable and secure connection around the world, that can help your business improve communication across multiple locations and borders.

Our Software Defined WAN combined with our global IP transit service makes the possibilities for global network access easier than ever.

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What is a Wide Area Network?

With China Telecom (Europe)’s Global IP Transit service you also get:

CN2 provides you with a high-speed and low-latency transit service, using our extensive connections to global top-tier upstream partners and our own terrestrial and submarine cables.

Our Global IP Transit service provides
High stability based on a highly redundant and reliable service with industry competitive SLAs
Light loading with transmission channel utilisation ratio at no more than 50% to ensure quality of service (QoS)
Flexible billing options providing fixed monthly charges and burstable billing based on our contingency usage (95th percentile) model
Multiple access options such as SDH (2M and above) or Ethernet (1M-1000M)
Regional specific routes such as BGP-4 with providing full routes or regional specific routes

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Global IP Transit service