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Stay connected, wherever the job is

Keep your people and data connected across borders between Europe and China, so you can move and track people and goods anywhere.
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Crossing borders doesn’t have to mean losing connections

Increasing interconnection between people around the world creates new challenges for logistics and transport. From delivering packages to transporting people, there’s additional pressure for greater connection at every stage. The market demands just in time services, and customers and clients cannot wait for long lead times.

To meet these demands, logistics and transport businesses are adopting more and more cloud technology to give real time up-to-date information. They need to be sure their IT systems are fully connected at all times, with failsafe measures to provide uninterrupted service. That’s tricky enough across one territory – how do you provide the same service as you go global, delivering goods and people across borders between Europe and Asia?

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Delivering the connection you need to do the job

Deliver your logistics objectives with reliable connections

Get stable, secure and flexible connectivity today

China Telecom (Europe) (CTE), a technology leader, works with many logistics and transport businesses to provide them with strong connections. Bespoke connectivity solutions enable them to realise the power of cloud technology to implement real time IT systems that keep everyone fully briefed and up to date.

Work with a partner that knows China and the APAC region

China Telecom (Europe) provides unrivalled technology and communications that are fully compliant with regulations in China and Europe. We are one of the largest telecommunication providers in the world with extensive experience in the Chinese market.

Key benefits of China Telecom (Europe) for logistics and transport businesses

Extensive global infrastructure network of overland and submarine cables

Local experts to consult on connections to China and APAC region

Fully compliant solutions in China for uninterrupted data traffics

High speed connections to deliver all of your latency and bandwidth requirements

One-stop shop for all your cross-border telecommunication needs

Flexible and consultative approach to solution delivery to give you peace of mind

An overview of our key solutions

Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN)

Digitally transform to future proof your business

China Telecom (Europe) ‘s software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution is a flexible, secure solution to fit any size business. Our SD-WAN solution is feature rich to provide your business exactly what it needs in connectivity between Europe and Asia. And, it’s fully compliant to China’s cyber-security regulations.

Cloud solutions

Empower your business to work from anywhere, anytime

China Telecom (Europe) provides comprehensive cloud solutions to move your business to the cloud. Whether you are gradually moving your business with a hybrid cloud model or completely removing on premise servers and going fully into the cloud, we have the solutions to fulfill your needs. We are cloud agnostic from Alibaba Cloud to Microsoft Azure.  And, we work with you to develop and implement your cloud strategy for today and into the future.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions

Keep your cross border connection secure and reliable

China Telecom (Europe) delivers secure and reliable connections between Europe and China with our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. Whether you want to use a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN or a Virutal Private LAN Service (VPLS) VPN, our team of China experts are able to advise and implement these connectivity solutions to ensure your teams have consistent connection across borders.

International Ethernet Private Lines

Fully managed network for performance, speed and security

China Telecom (Europe) provides International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL) that allow you to choose dedicated, point to point or point to multi-point international connectivity between Europe and China. Your able to using our large number of Points of Presence (PoPs) as well as those from are partnerships to better connect your offices and data across the globe. Ensure your team has the fastest connections they need to access data and communicate; so that, they can make those important split second decisions.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Deliver fast online content to meet the demands of today

China Telecom (Europe) helps businesses with huge libraries of content from video, audio, online games, software downloads to user generated content. We provide industry leading technology to ensure speed and quality of transmissions, so your customers can easily access what they want. We work with you to keep your customers happy.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Take your business to the next level with smart technology

China Telecom (Europe) works with you to find fit-for-purpose Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that can overcome some of your most pressing business challenges. Using our strong expertise in IoT technology, we have been able to work with European businesses looking to advance how they work. Whether it’s tracking the movement of high value products or building telemetry data for vehicles, our team of experts have a breadth of experience to help you problem solve and deliver solutions to your IoT needs.

ICT and Managed services

Set up for success with a team of technology experts

China Telecom (Europe) helps you develop a high tech office space and can work with your business on the ground to ensure your technology needs are met. We use our expertise in hardware, software and connectivity solutions to take the stress out of IT. We are your outsourced IT team ready to help when you need it.  Focus on what matters most rather than getting stuck in the details of the planning and setting up of technology.

Corporate voice solutions

Reach the world with voice solutions to keep your team talking

China Telecom (Europe) provides enterprise businesses with corporate voice solutions that allow your team to speak across borders. Wherever they are in the world, we work with you to ensure you have what you need to make those all too important calls that drives your business forward. Our corporate voice solutions are ideal for businesses looking for a simple and efficient voice infrastructure to handle both internal and external communications.