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Tailored to your business, China Telecom (Europe), as a global technology leader, builds flexible, best-in-class Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions to connect your business today and into the future.
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Looking to fully realise your ambitions on the cloud?

With digital transformation changing the business landscape from cloud applications, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and other technological developments, the complexity of connectivity needs for a business continues to increase and become unpredictable. Staying competitive can often mean keeping your systems flexible to meet future demands that are changing rapidly.

Whether its increasing maintenance cost and more management or adapting to real time bandwidth demands and network conditions, there are today’s connectivity challenges. Realising cloud transformation is not easy.

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Digital change

Keeping up with digital transformation

Our SD-WAN solutions are here to flex with your needs

China Telecom (Europe), as a global technology leader, builds flexible, feature rich SD-WAN platforms over our advanced private network. It can deliver network controls to secure and manage your data while offering access to your customers, partners and employees in China, Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Our SD-WAN solutions provide you with stable, secure and flexible connectivity today and into the future. We work with you to plan and delivery the best SD-WAN solution for your business needs whether they are small or large.

Our professional team based in Europe can get involved at the earliest possible stage of your business plan and has a rich experience responding to Global RFPs. To find out more or to invite China Telecom (Europe) to your upcoming or existing RFP process, get in touch today.

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Key benefits of our SD-WAN

Worldwide coverage using our extensive infrastructure

Compliant to Chinese security laws

China specialist to consult you

Flexible management to tailor to your business needs

Plug and play for ease of setup

Low latency for fast access to your global team

Over the top SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solution adapts to your business needs. For businesses who want a SD-WAN overlay solution that uses your existing underlying telecommunications infrastructure to reduce the need for integration work, our Over the Top SD-WAN solution is an ideal fit. We work with you as we design, plan, test, and execute the implementation of your SD-WAN solution, while providing you with industry leading SLAs and support options.

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Over the top SD-WAN

SD-WAN as a Service

Need a more out of the box solution that simplifies the complexity while still giving you flexible options to grow? For businesses who want to move towards an operational cost with a native cloud solution for SD-WAN, our SD-WAN as a Service will better meet your needs. With this solution, you can focus and pay for what you need. We work with you to find the SD-WAN solution of best fit, while delivering the SD-WAN solution in a fast cost-effective way today and into the future.

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SD-WAN as a service

The difference between WAN and SD-WAN

An SD-WAN is different from an ordinary WAN as a SD-WAN reduces its dependence on hardware and data centre and instead focuses on cloud networking and integrated software. This approach has various advantages as it provides a solution that is agile and dynamic to issues related to connectivity.

SD-WAN is a wide area network that utilises software to control network operations. If you want to have a better understanding of how SD-WAN actually works, it helps to also understand what a WAN is. A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that expands over a large geographical area in contrast to Local Area Networks (LAN). LAN networks are usually more isolated in homes or offices than WANs. Therefore, it is likely that you already know much more about LANs than WANs.

A WAN connects a small number of networks – typically LANs – and this makes it possible for users from one specific location to communicate with users from another location. Software inside the SD-WAN manages all the different locations within the WAN network which boosts performance and efficiency. Besides boosting performance, a SD-WAN likewise supports privacy and security measures such as firewalls, gateways and virtual private networks (VPNs).

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What’s different between WAN and SD-WAN

How SD-WAN works for your business

SD-WAN provides your business with many advantages. First of all, WAN costs will be reduced when switching to SD-WAN. MPLS bandwidth is an expensive solution for your business – and price is not the only downside – it can take weeks or even months to provision an MPLS link. SD-WAN can be potentially provisioned in a matter of days. This provides the potential to give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

SD-WAN enhances WAN performance and the IT department within the organisation are able to resolve network and latency issues remotely, improving productivity and decreasing costs. Furthermore, SD-WAN can prioritise traffic that is essential to business operations by steering traffic the most effective way.

SD-WAN has security procedures that are built into the system which improves network security overall. An ordinary WAN handles security at each different department while these encryption properties are already built-in the SD-WAN. Therefore, only users with the right authorisation can get access to the network and the sensitive data.

With a SD-WAN, organisations can create policies that inform the network on how different types of traffic are supposed to be handled. This enhances security by making sure that high-risk do not enter the network at all.

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cloud security

How SD-WAN works for your business

Why you should invest in a SD-WAN solution

Another aspect of SD-WAN is that it lowers costs with WAN OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenses). With an SD-WAN it is possible for you to replace MPLS connections with broadband internet in order to lower the costs of WAN substantially. A simple SD-WAN architecture can likewise lower OPEX, and it is not necessary for an IT team to be physically present on a new remote location.

Increased network performance is also a key selling point of SD-WAN solutions. Common issues regarding connectivity and latency are significantly reduced with a SD-WAN. This allows organisations to improve its agility with a stable and reliable connection.

WAN services such as bandwidth and firewalls can easily be handled by a SD-WAN. This speeds up the process of establishing new departments and new offices in different locations as it is not necessary to send IT employees to the locations. Also, bandwidth usage can easily be added or reduced depending on your needs.

A SD-WAN solution is an essential tool for modern business that can benefit a lot from its services. Reduced costs, improved cloud performance and greater agility within the organisation are all aspects that make SD-WAN a solution with huge potential.

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Why you should invest in a SD-WAN solution

SD-WAN for different industries and sectors

SD-WAN is a tool with a multitude of capabilities and it offers a wide range of benefits for different types of businesses across different industries and sectors. If your business is looking to improve its network, it is highly recommended that you look into a SD-WAN solution. Naturally, SD-WAN has much more potential for businesses that rely on IT where frequent communication with different departments in various geographic locations are needed.

Businesses within the retail sector that have departments or offices around the world are dependent on networks that can provide a high degree of security and resilience to ensure protection of data. This could be sensitive data like credit card numbers, information about customers and other types of data during payment.

Also, it is important that businesses – regardless of industry – support their employees with reliable networks. Slow network and technical issues reduce productivity in the workplace. A SD-WAN contributes with high performance, a reliable network and security measures so transactions can be processed safely and data likewise can be stored in a safe manner. This allows employees to do their job in an efficient way.

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Offices around the world better connected with SD-WAN

SD-WAN can benefit your specific sector

Another example is the financial sector which is also very dependent on the security and reliability that SD-WAN contributes with. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies rely on a network that can provide low latency, safe and reliable solutions to handle transactions and information about its customers. Cloud services might prove to be very useful for functionality within the financial sector and its networks.

The education sector is another example and this sector has huge potential for optimising its networks since it uses personal devices and different online tools such as digital curriculums. A SD-WAN can be a useful solution for high schools and universities alike. SD-WAN allows each school to scale its bandwidth needs, and it also allows schools to prioritise different kinds of online traffic on its network. Therefore, academic traffic can to a greater extent be prioritised with a SD-WAN solution.

Likewise, SD-WAN makes it easier to identify and scale different kinds of traffic according to that specific school’s needs. Schools and universities can benefit with a higher bandwidth at a lower price with a SD-WAN.

China Telecom (Europe) can provide a bespoke SD-WAN solution for you that suits the specific needs of your business.

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Secure, low latency solutions for your global network


What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a Wide Area Network structure on cloud-based software. This newer approach to WAN offers new opportunities for business to enhance their central manageability, reduce costs and improve connectivity across greater geographically distances. There are many SaaS models available that offer SD-WAN cloud solutions, simplifying network architecture across globally distributed branches whilst delivering high flexibility. SD-WAN does not rely on long deployment times and higher bandwidth charges like traditional WAN networks do, which usually operate on expensive MPLS. SD-WAN allows for online traffic to be prioritised, ensuring a reliable, secure and low-latency network to handle transactions, communications and customer information. With encrypted connectivity, traffic can be secured in transit across all destinations in the network. Worldwide connectivity and coverage – with SD-WAN your business can access a global cloud network and focus on integrated software for the entire organisation.

Who uses SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a popular solution with wide range of capabilities and benefits across various industries. Any business that relies heavily on IT applications and digital communications between geographically distributed branches should consider SD-WAN. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies can use SD-WAN to ensure reliable, low-latency and secure networks to handle transactions and customer information. Retailers with multiple departments and offices worldwide also require a highly-secure network to ensure proper data protection. Manufacturers can take advantage of the easy configuration and deployment of SD-WAN to manage their organisation as it grows, with such streamlining markedly reducing WAN costs. Any international business has major concerns with technical and security issues and require a reliable, efficient network that SD-WAN can provide. Businesses that seek to manage connections between Europe and the China-APAC region would benefit from partnering with an experienced partner in this space, such as China Telecom (Europe).