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Future proof your business
with our SD-WAN

China Telecom (Europe), as a global technology leader, builds flexible, best-in-class Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions to connect your business today and into the future.
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Looking to fully realise your ambitions on the cloud?

With digital transformation changing the business landscape from cloud applications, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and other technological developments, the complexity of connectivity needs for a business continues to increase and become unpredictable. Staying competitive can often mean keeping your systems flexible to meet future demands that are changing rapidly.

Whether its increasing maintenance cost and more management or adapting to real time bandwidth demands and network conditions, there are today’s connectivity challenges. Realising cloud transformation is not easy.

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Digital change

Keeping up with digital transformation

Our SD-WAN solutions are here to flex with your needs

China Telecom (Europe), as a global technology leader, builds flexible, feature rich SD-WAN platforms over our advanced private network. It can deliver network controls to secure and manage your data while offering access to your customers, partners and employees in China, Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Our SD-WAN solutions provide you with stable, secure and flexible connectivity today and into the future. We work with you to plan and delivery the best SD-WAN solution for your business needs whether they are small or large.

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Key benefits of our SD-WAN

Worldwide coverage using our extensive infrastructure

Compliant to Chinese security laws

China specialist to consult you

Flexible management to tailor to your business needs

Plug and play for ease of setup

Low latency for fast access to your global team

Over the top SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solution adapts to your business needs. For businesses who want a SD-WAN overlay solution that uses your existing underlying telecommunications infrastructure to reduce the need for integration work, our Over the Top SD-WAN solution is an ideal fit. We work with you as we design, plan, test, and execute the implementation of your SD-WAN solution, while providing you with industry leading SLAs and support options.

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Over the top SD-WAN

SD-WAN as a Service

Need a more out of the box solution that simplifies the complexity while still giving you flexible options to grow? For businesses who want to move towards an operational cost with a native cloud solution for SD-WAN, our SD-WAN as a Service will better meet your needs. With this solution, you can focus and pay for what you need. We work with you to find the SD-WAN solution of best fit, while delivering the SD-WAN solution in a fast cost-effective way today and into the future.

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SD-WAN as a service