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Utilise our intelligent and flexible cloud contact centre from anywhere

China Telecom (Europe)’s Cloud Contact Centre enables your business to have efficient, convenient, flexible customer contact management to help you care for your customers and your business from anywhere in the world
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Can your business adapt to the
requirements of your customers?

As your business expands, the way you attract, serve and retain customers must adapt with it. If your business plans to expand into new territories, it will need to offer additional languages, extra services and flexible capacity.

That’s why dynamic businesses are turning to Cloud-based Contact Centres to effectively manage their customer communication and deliver excellent customer experience. With 24/7 availability and features such as remote assistance, Conference Calling and SMS, our packages can be tailored to suit the requirements of your customers.

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Cloud Conferencing

Care for your business and your customers with China Telecom‘s Cloud Contact Centre Platform

China Telecom’s Cloud Contact Centre Platform delivers outstanding business value. Ever-evolving product features, modern architectures and unparalleled performance are at the heart of our service. Your business and your customers will benefit from our combination of mature technology in the field of customer experience and proven expertise and capacity in supporting a wide variety of industries, organisations and functions.

Our Cloud Contact Centre services help your company develop a stronger omnichannel strategy for optimizing the customer experience and interacting with them via voice, text, online chat, email and social media, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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How it works

Our Cloud Contact Centre platform decreases service delivery time and improves customer satisfaction

Streamline your customer contact processes
With our Cloud Contact Centre Platform, you will eliminate the reliance on locally placed hardware, as well as the high amount of maintenance and management. All your inbound and outbound customer interactions are stored and managed on an internet-based platform, allowing for quick access to tools and applications from anywhere.

Establish a strong omnichannel strategy
Multiple communication channels, such as text messages and phone calls can be accessed from different locations, making for quick and unified customer interaction management via the cloud. Call centre software allows your business to strengthen the customer service experience while helping to improve agent performance.

Unlimited availability
Why should your company consider a cloud-based contact centre solution versus the more traditional on-premise systems? Our Cloud contact centres deliver innovative internet-based software solutions that can be accessed from anywhere. As agents also can work remotely, you can quickly expand your workforce to support customer interactions across borders, making for easier scalable call centres.

By basing your contact centre in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance of related hardware and software, reducing the cost of local-based IT management significantly. With the increased availability of cloud-based call centres, your business can provide great customer service around the clock, 24/7.

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How it works

Evolve your customer workforce

By implementing a cloud contact centre, you can also gain deeper customer insights, that can help develop your customer agents and improve their performance. By having easier access to a unified back-end system containing all essential knowledge, your customer agents can make for better and more timely responses leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Supervisors can access in-depth information analytics collected from multiple channels, to gain deeper customer insights. They can access key insights such as call time, waiting duration or downtime to help optimise the centre. Your supervisors can also monitor agent performance and use it to match your agents’ area of expertise with your customers’ needs.

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How it works

Make your contact centres more efficient

Our cloud contact centres are truly the modern solution for businesses. With improved automation in the contact processes, your company can focus on becoming as efficient as possible. Functions like auto-attendant or music-on-hold, until a customer service agent is available to help, can help streamline the manual processes and workforce. Advanced call-routing solutions can also help customers being redirected to the right agent, making for more successful customer care.

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How it works

Key benefits of our Cloud Contact Centre Platform

Intelligent availability – Queue management helps direct calls to the right people, and agents refer to our knowledge bases and customer profiling to keep informed on your business and contacts.

Scalable as your business grows – China Telecom’s Cloud Call Centre can manage the varying call volumes caused by sales campaigns, new office launches or emergencies. You only have to use what you need, whenever you need it.

Stable and secure communications – China Telecom’s voice and data networks provide robust and reliable connections worldwide with a proven capability serving a wide variety of industries.

Evolving service – As cloud services and customer contact strategies develop, we’re constantly upgrading and updating our cloud contact centre platform to utilise emerging opportunities.

Optimised customer care – Build better customer relationships through omnichannel contact and 24/7 availability from anywhere.

Analytical – Present robust, compliant data with clarity using versatile AI-powered software and data management tools to be used for improving customer service and agent performance.

Public, private or hybrid cloud?

Cloud contact centres can be a great opportunity for multiple types of businesses. Variations of solutions can be either public, private or hybrid cloud. The key benefits of public cloud include low cost of operations and maintenance. Private cloud is beneficial for companies, which handle large data volumes and need extra control over it through tight security. Hybrid is ideal for companies, who deal with a large amount of data and has less need for handling sensitive data, while still remaining flexible and cost effective.

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How it works

Why you should partner with China Telecom (Europe)

China Telecom (Europe) offers industry-leading telecommunications solutions for businesses and enterprises who seek to do business in China and internationally. We provide extensive global coverage and meet you where you are. We are present in 21 different countries across Europe with local offices, where our professional and dedicated team of China experts are ready to help you with flexible solutions to suit your needs. We take advantage of the latest technological opportunities to deliver you highly secure ultra-speed connections.

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How it works