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Empower your business to make calls without depending on an analog line

With China Telecom (Europe)’s Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk technology, your teams can make calls virtually over the internet with ease.
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Upgrade from analog and take your business global with China Telecom (Europe)’s SIP Trunk technology

China Telecom (Europe)’s Enterprise SIP Trunk service provides global Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service for enterprises, who want to make full use of their Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and communicate with the outside world over an Internet Protocal (IP) network either through broadband internet or other private lines of connectivity. SIP Trunk service is based on an IP connection between enterprise IP-PBXs and China Telecom (Europe)’s global network. Customers simply dial “a prefix number and phone number” to contact colleagues of branch offices or clients worldwide. No matter what fixed-network telecom operator you are using, you can purchase the service that requires no change on your end.

China Telecom (Europe) fully understands your needs. With top-quality international communication service and 24/7 round-the-clock support, our dedicated and experienced technical professionals will support you throughout the provision and while it is up and running.

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Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk

Key benefits of our SIP Trunk

High quality calls using China Telecom (Europe)’s global premium network for enterprise communication

Bundle with one of our existing China Telecom (Europe)connectivity solutions such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions

Extensive coverage worldwide where your teams can communicate with more than 70 countries and regions

Flexible capacity to fit the specific demands of your business

Eliminate the cost associated with Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connection lines

Reduce international long distance calls cost by at least 50% as compared to using a local carrier