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Reinvent how you do business with Internet of Things

China Telecom (Europe), a global technology leader, can help you explore, plan and implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to transform your business.
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Are you looking for innovative ways to re-imagine your business?

China Telecom (Europe) (CTE) is your one-stop shop for IoT across Europe and China. Using our China-Europe infrastructure, CTE’s IoT business delivers everything your business needs to link your operations to China, while building on cutting edge technology and know-how from China.

Find new ways to improve your business with our comprehensive IoT offering, including managed IoT connectivity, IoT device management and application enablement. We work with you to find the best fit IoT solution for your business challenges.

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Fully connected IoT solutions

Why choose China Telecom (Europe) as your IoT partner?

Our practical experience as an implementation partner for IoT solutions helps you take advantage of the power of IoT for your business. In China, our cutting edge technology has helped countless businesses transform their operations and capture the benefits of being truly connected.

We are global leaders in IoT

10+ industry white papers to help you understand how IoT can help you achieve business transformation goals

We offer integrated and mature solutions

500+ solutions through our global business give us expertise to develop and implement IoT that’s right for your business

We have a think-tank of experts

1000+ device connection testing practitioners work with us, to ensure your IoT project succeeds and equips your business with right fit technology solutions

We work on a Smart IoT management platform

280 million daily access
+ 7000+ connected enterprises
+ 120 million users
+ 40 million NB-IoT messages
We have all the IoT tech that your business needs.

Key benefits of our IoT Solutions

Largest IoT network infrastructure worldwide

Ever-expanding IoT ecosystem, with thousands of IoT devices and solutions

Device Connection Platform (DCP) member

Largest partner of Ericsson, a global IoT device manufacturer

European expertise for compliance with tax, legal and cyber security issues relating to IoT

Robust certified European presence and operational capability


In logistics, China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s IoT technology can help you improve the efficiency and safety of delivering goods. Using data monitoring with IoT sensors connected to our mobile networks, you can track vital information, including the location, moving speed, temperature and weather conditions, on a virtual platform.

Data monitoring can reduce the risks of product damage or loss for your business, increase the accuracy of information for your customers and remove the guesswork in your decision making.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s IoT solution team give you the power to transform your transportation business. Our areas of expertise in transport include vehicle-to-vehicle communication for asset-sharing schemes and vehicle fleet management. Data collection allows you to offer customers or partners better value-for-money offers, engage in preventative maintenance and reduce management and maintenance costs. Smart parking solutions let you connect, collect, monitor and monetise features of IoT to improve your operational efficiency.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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In bricks-and-mortar and virtual stores, China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s IoT services are helping retailers improve their business. For physical retailers, IoT makes it easier to monitor inventory, occupancy levels in-store and staff health, improving management and operational efficiency, while smart shelves and smart cameras upgrade security levels.

For online or omni channel retailers, adopting solutions like augmented reality can transform your customers’ online shopping experience. Delivery and shipping become more efficient and accurate when they’re monitored with IoT sensor devices connected through China Telecom’s mobile network.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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Health Care

IoT in healthcare is transformative for both patients and medical staff. Wearable technologies can help individuals track their personal health more effectively and receive real-time feedback. That provides a more complete picture of patient health, including historical analysis to discuss with medical practitioners.

Health care systems can use IoT health monitoring to reduce the need for hospital visits and maintain complete visibility of patients’ conditions, as well as improving operational efficiency, minimising waste and reducing errors. These contribute to better patient care, shorter waiting times at emergency rooms and improved drug management.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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IoT healtcare

Health care


With a wealth of experience in the energy sector, China Telecom (Europe) (CTE) creates smart home management systems, so your customers can control home appliances remotely, and you can generate real-time power consumption data to balance demand and supply. Our IoT experts use analysis of consumer data to provide smart alerts of outages, manage congestion and notify when machine upgrades are needed, as well as optimise and distribute your investment and R&D.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s focus is changing – from simply providing network and connection to supporting telecommunication carrier partners with full vertical industry capability. We share our practical experience of the benefits of IoT products and services, providing interactive platforms that help companies gather data and extract more insight, and bringing together device and chip manufacturers to accelerate IoT innovation and reduce the costs of adoption.

Want to know about other applications? Read the Economist Intelligence Unit IoT Whitepaper supported by China Telecom (Europe) to understand more of the landscape.

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Let China Telecom (Europe) introduce you to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to all the smart devices worldwide that are connected to the internet.

Today, almost anything can be turned into a smart device and connected to the internet making it a part of the IoT.

Connecting objects to the internet enables them to communicate with each other which adds a level of digital intelligence to the device. Ultimately, this means that the world around us is becoming more digital, smarter and more responsive.

Perhaps you are wondering which object can be part of the IoT? There are almost limitless possibilities to turn objects into IoT devices as long it can be connected to the internet and provide information.

IoT is primarily used for objects that normally would not have an internet connection and that does not require any human interaction to communicate with the network.

This means that PC’s and smartphones are usually not considered to be IoT devices.

However, a smart thermostat in your home or a lightbulb that can be controlled using an app on your smartphone are both considered IoT devices. It is not only small objects that are part of the IoT. Whole cities – called smart cities – can be filled with sensors that enable you to control the environment. New IoT projects aim to connect data and infrastructure within the city to add a new level of intelligence into this system.

IoT and 5G connectivity

The launch of 5G is important for IoT and this new generation of cellular communications will help expand IoT even further. Overall, 5G provides an increase in performance, connection speed and reliability which is essential for IoT.

The use of IoT – and also its success – is primarily dependent on good performance, that is, how fast devices can connect and communicate with other IoT devices. 5G provides an increase in data-transfer, and this enables faster communication. This is essential for many industries such as logistics, transportation, retail, health care, energy and telecommunications.

Furthermore, 5G will operate more reliably and having a stable connection is of great importance for every IoT device that is dependent on real-time updates. Security measures such as CCTV cameras and smart locks depend likewise on a reliable connection.

Generally, good performance, high-speed connectivity and a reliable connection are all key aspects for IoT and its expansion. Another advantage of 5G that will help IoT is its reduced latency which is the delay it takes for a signal to travel from one point to another.

5G provides organisations with a completely new set of opportunities to grow its business and to integrate IoT even further into its core.

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IoT and 5G

… And reduce business expenses and create new opportunities for your business

IoT can lower your maintenance costs by predicting and alerting you to technical issues before they happen.

This will minimise downtime in the production process.

Switching to a smart thermostat in your commercial building allows you to optimise your energy consumption. You will then be able to cut on your monthly utility bills.

Furthermore, IoT makes you able to increase security of your commercial building as well. You can install wireless CCTV cameras which can provide you with live updates to your smart devices. Another way to increase security is to install wireless alarm systems. Generally, businesses can use IoT to improve workplace security making it easier for you to protect business property.

IoT makes it possible to gain more customer insight since you have more access to data and analytics from IoT devices. This allows you to analyse how customers use your products and services. Businesses can utilise this data to provide customers with a more personalised user experience, and IoT technology makes it possible to create an online presence that is user-friendly and online stores that facilitate fast online transactions.

IoT also offers new opportunities for employees with remote working technology.

This means that employees can connect and work remotely without having to be physically present in the office. Employees working from home provide several benefits. Studies show that remote workers are usually happier and more productive since working from home incites a natural work-life balance. Also, on average remote workers tend to work more hours than employees at the office.

In addition, IoT encourages communication across the organisation between different departments and between employees. This is likewise useful for increases in productivity.

For a modern business, the possibilities of IoT seem almost limitless and there are many different ways you can leverage these opportunities to grow your business. Specifically, IoT technology increases productivity, manages business operations and improves customer user experience.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that all businesses explore how they can benefit with the right IoT solutions that provide new opportunities for growth. China Telecom Europe can be your new IoT partner.