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Building for the future:
digital technology to connect with China

Ensure your manufacturing sites in China can get the job done,
with the connections they need to receive and produce orders from anywhere in Europe or the world.
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Unlocking the full benefits of manufacturing in China and APAC region

Managing a global manufacturing company is no easy task. As businesses establish factories in the China-Asia Pacific region and build supply chains to connect them with Europe, it’s a constant struggle to maintain good connectivity and efficient operations.

Many businesses still rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, hosted on-premise or in the cloud. But poor infrastructure and connectivity stop them realising the full capabilities of these solutions.

Time-outs, jitter and a lack of bandwidth impede their teams’ connections. Using untracked emails and phone calls to their manufacturing sites in China and APAC means communications can be lost or overlooked. Without a unified communications platform, departments rarely have a cohesive overview of the manufacturing and supply chain process.

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Manufacturing disconnect

Achieve your manufacturing goals with real time connections

Struggling to connect is not an option.

An unreliable connection should never be the reason why your manufacturing plant cannot receive, track or fulfil an order. Avoid an inefficient manufacturing process with connectivity solutions that keep your systems running smoothly.

Get stable, secure and flexible connectivity today.

China Telecom (Europe), a technology leader, supports many manufacturing and logistics businesses that rely on quality connectivity. Bespoke solutions allow our clients to realise the power of the latest technologies, to keep teams fully aligned and reduce roadblocks.

Key benefits of China Telecom (Europe) for manufacturers

Extensive global infrastructure network of overland and submarine cables

Owns and operates China’s largest optical fibre network – over 83,000km long, connecting all Chinese cities

Local experts to consult on connections to China and APAC region

Fully compliant solutions in China for uninterrupted data traffic

High speed connections to fully deliver your latency and bandwidth requirements

Flexible and consultative approach to solution delivery to give you peace of mind

An overview of our key solutions

Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN)

Digitally transform to future proof your business

China Telecom (Europe) Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a flexible, secure solution designed to fit any business. Our feature-packed SD-WAN can provide your business with exactly what it needs to enhance connectivity between operations in Europe and Asia. In addition, it’s fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the European and China-APAC markets.

Cloud solutions

Empower your business to work from anywhere, anytime

China Telecom (Europe) supports your business as it moves into the cloud. We provide cloud migration services for hybrid cloud models and for full migration to the cloud, in partnership with cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Work with us and our comprehensive cloud solutions to develop and futureproof a cloud infrastructure set up that fits your business.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions

Keep your cross border connection secure and reliable

China Telecom (Europe) provides secure and reliable connectivity between Europe and the China-APAC region with our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. Our team of China experts can advise you on and implement your choice of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN or Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) VPN, to ensure your teams have a consistent connection between regions.

International Ethernet Private Lines

Fully managed network for performance, speed and security

China Telecom (Europe) provides International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL) with a choice of dedicated, point to point and point to multi-point connectivity between Europe and the China-APAC region. Your teams across the globe will always have the quality connection they need to access data and communicate, thanks to our large number of Points of Presence (PoPs) and those of our partners.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Deliver fast online content to meet the demands of today

China Telecom (Europe) provides networks for businesses so that their customers can quickly, easily and reliably access their websites, content and applications. With our Point of Presence (PoP) sites located throughout Europe and the China-APAC region, our infrastructure helps you to reduce latency, save bandwidth and provide a better quality of service to your end customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Take your business to the next level with smart technology

China Telecom (Europe) creates bespoke Internet of Things (IoT) answers to your business challenges. Using our extensive experience in running IoT networks, we’re using telematics, sponsored roaming, smart robots and other IoT solutions to help businesses reduce costs, increase output and create greater value for their end customers.

ICT and Managed services

Set up for success with a team of technology experts

China Telecom (Europe) supports businesses to develop an advanced IT infrastructure setup and provides experienced guidance for your network. Our experts in hardware, software and connectivity solutions act as your outsourced IT team. We provide professional design, consultation and support, to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on what matters most in your business.

Global voice solutions

Reach the world with voice solutions to keep your team talking

China Telecom (Europe) provides efficient corporate voice solutions that allow your team to communicate across regions. Trust your voice communications to our stable, global backbone infrastructure and global voice network, which handles billions of minutes of high-quality voice traffic annually. CTE solutions are easy to deploy and maintain and scalable for businesses of any size.