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Protect and inform your staff, customers and visitors

Take a proactive approach to workplace health and safety with China Telecom (Europe)’s SmartSafe Robots.
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Workplace safety has never been more important. Is your business ready?

Maintaining the health and safety of your work environment is critical for any business. People are moving in, out and around your offices and sites every day, and you need to keep them all safe.

China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s SmartSafe Robots help you keep work spaces clean and disinfected. Our robots reduce the risk to your business, without risking your people.

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SmartSafe Robots

Key benefits of our SmartSafe Robots

Disinfect and sterilise surfaces to keep areas clean

Contactless body temperature screenings for safe checks

Broadcast function to guide, direct and warn staff and visitors

Data record and transmit over your network to inform and alert your teams

Fully autonomous, for use when staff aren’t available

Visual checks on mask wearing and other concerns to maintain safety