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Ensure your network availability and reliability

With our Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, you can securely set up inter-office connections
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How to securely strengthen network performance with our Managed WAN

High network availability and performance is a mission-critical requirement for most organisations today, regardless of size. Poor network performance and availability can result in revenue loss and reduced employee productivity.

A managed Wide Area Network (Managed WAN) creates a secure environment for inter-office connections without sending traffic over the Internet. We help connect multiple network sites across the US, China and worldwide with the tools and support your business requires.

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Office networking

Reliability is the key

When application availability and network performance mean everything to the success of your business, having a reliable network benefits in a number of ways. The critical task of keeping your network operating at peak performance requires time, effort and focus.

China Telecom (Europe) Managed WAN enables multi-national organisations to connect to the Internet or multiple sites via a secure, private and high-performance network. Our commitment is to create highly available network solutions with complete, end-to-end management. Entrust your WAN to our highly-trained network team so that you can focus on your growth initiatives.

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Multicloud Access

Network performance

Key benefits of our Managed WAN

Reduce costs by sharing resources across sites

Provide LAN-like applications for remote clients

Ability to re-route application data as network conditions change

Automated path selection based on configuration rules to prioritise mission critical applications

24/7 global support by CCIE certified multilingual engineers

Secure environment for inter-office connections

Here is how a managed WAN can benefit your business

It can be challenging for many businesses to connect different devices, employees and departments of an organisation from different places around the world. Business done on a global scale needs a network that can work internationally.

This is what a Wide Area Network (WAN) can do for you. A WAN allows businesses to share information across long distances. However, a WAN can also provide issues for the IT department in an organisation so to avoid this it is possible to use managed WAN services. This means outsourcing WAN management to an external provider.

There are several benefits to this approach. Outsourcing WAN management is the most efficient way to optimise your WAN performance by prioritising network traffic, improving speed of applications and it is also possible to increase performance by enhancing network security.

Since the tech industry is continuously evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new technologies and innovations. It is important to always stay updated on the latest trends and developments within your industry. This is also important regarding WAN management. A reliable WAN management service can provide these benefits for you.

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Benefiting from managed WAN

Data protection with managed WAN

Another aspect of managed WAN is protection of corporate intellectual property against cyber-attacks.

Any industry has a need for cyber security but it is especially important for industries that handle sensitive information.

Failing to protect your own valuable data can have serious consequences – not only can competitors exploit this opportunity but it can also result in bribery or ransomware. Managed WAN services can protect against this with advanced security measures.

The demand for a reliable network rises as you grow your business and it can be a challenge to scale your network of WANs. If your business comprises a single location, you will not have the same need for a network on WANs as a large corporation with multiple locations worldwide.

Managing a WAN by yourself can create difficulties for your business.

Using managed WAN can help scale your business and remove the additional workload.

This leaves time for you to focus on scaling your business without worrying about issues about connectivity and network infrastructure.

A managed WAN can be a great decision for your business on a long-term basis. When you have outsourced your WAN services to an external provider, you and your employees can focus on the core area of your business.

Instead of going through the tough process of handling managed WAN on your own, you can let China Telecom Europe handle the management of your WAN services. We are confident that we can provide the services you need.