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Ensure your network availability and reliability

With our Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, you can securely set up inter-office connections
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How to securely strengthen network performance with our Managed WAN

High network availability and performance is a mission-critical requirement for most organisations today, regardless of size. Poor network performance and availability can result in revenue loss and reduced employee productivity.

A managed Wide Area Network (Managed WAN) creates a secure environment for inter-office connections without sending traffic over the Internet. We help connect multiple network sites across the US, China and worldwide with the tools and support your business requires.

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Office networking

Reliability is the key

When application availability and network performance mean everything to the success of your business, having a reliable network benefits in a number of ways. The critical task of keeping your network operating at peak performance requires time, effort and focus.

China Telecom (Europe) Managed WAN enables multi-national organisations to connect to the Internet or multiple sites via a secure, private and high-performance network. Our commitment is to create highly available network solutions with complete, end-to-end management. Entrust your WAN to our highly-trained network team so that you can focus on your growth initiatives.

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Multicloud Access

Network performance

Key benefits of our Managed WAN

Reduce costs by sharing resources across sites

Provide LAN-like applications for remote clients

Ability to re-route application data as network conditions change

Automated path selection based on configuration rules to prioritise mission critical applications

24/7 global support by CCIE certified multilingual engineers

Secure environment for inter-office connections