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September 29, 2017

China Telecom and Huawei’s CloudFAN Slicing Solution Wins the Outstanding Innovation Team Award at PT Expo China 2017

Beijing, September 27, 2017 (CWW) – At the PT Expo China 2017, China Telecom’s Shanghai Branch, the Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom, and Huawei received the annual Outstanding Technology Innovation Team award in the optical communication field. This award was received for a new PON OLT that supports flexible network slicing and its applications. […]

April 1, 2016

Gaming on the Digital Silk Road to China

Your champion has seen off the enemy minions and you are close to obliterating their turret. The tide has turned in your favour. You close in for the kill….and your League of Legends gameplay is frozen. Imagine the frustration – not to mention the expletives that you might sound off. It sounds clichéd, but in […]

March 10, 2016

Why China will remain the world’s top manufacturing destination?

Despite its slowing economy, China is in no imminent danger of losing its position as the manufacturing hub of the world. Chinese manufactured products are still appealing to overseas customers because of their cost advantage, while a growing middle class within the country is expected to support domestic efforts to produce more, higher-margin branded items. […]

January 21, 2016

What strategy should an ecommerce retailer pursue in China?

When was the last time you pressed the “buy” button to purchase something online? You are probably among the 95%i of British consumers who now shop online and mirror a global trend. In the world’s most populous nation, it is estimated that half a billion Chinese are online. To put that into context, picture a […]

December 16, 2015

Trading on the 21st Century Silk Road: Every millisecond counts

By Edmund Cheung, Director of Marketing and Enterprise Business at China Telecom Europe & Devie Mohan, FinTech market expert and key industry influencer London is regarded as the world’s largest foreign exchange (FOREX) hub and handles over 40i per cent of the global volume of around $5tn FOREX being traded each dayii. The capital is also […]

October 21, 2015

What you need to know if you want to establish a retail business in China

The numbers speak for themselves. China’s economy is worth nearly $11 trillion 1. That’s nearly three times the value of India’s economy 2. With it has come greater purchasing power for China’s middle class whose population will reach 340 million by 2016 3. Small wonder then that at last year’s Chinese Cyber Monday 11.11 Shopping Festival, it record […]