What are some key facts about China Telecom Corporation?

  • Founded in 2000
  • Largest, no.1 fixed line operator
  • Operates as primary service provider to all 21 Southern provinces in China
  • Covers all 31 provincial territories in China
  • Owns and operates ChinaNet (China’s largest Internet network)
  • Employs more than 371,000 professionals
  • Provides broadband access to 300 cities in all 31 provinces
  • Manages 70 percent of Internet market in China
  • Registered Capital: $19 billion
  • Total Assets: over $50 billion
  • Owns Trans-Pacific cable systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SEA-ME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, Flag, TAE, etc.
  • Possesses international bi-lateral connectivity to 100+ countries
  • November 15, 2002 – Global IPO, New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges

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