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Connect with China: overcome your challenges, with support in your own language


Thursday 3rd September 2020

10:00 - 10:45

Connect with China: overcome your challenges, with support in your own language

China, the world’s largest single marketplace, offers huge opportunities for businesses in Russia & CIS countries. To succeed, your clients need reliable telecoms and technology to reach Chinese consumers and businesses.

How can you provide strong, fast, stable connections?

Who can help you access Chinese internet content in Russia ?

Where can you find experts on China who also understand Russia & CIS countries?

In this FREE webinar from China Telecom (Russia) you’ll hear how our teams in Moscow and Vladivostok can help you:

  • Overcome common challenges including Internet congestion problems and high RTD
  • Deliver reliable one-stop solutions for your clients across China, APAC and worldwide
  • Learn from our recent successes

Note: This webinar will be conducted in Russian.

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About your host: China Telecom (Russia)

China Telecom has the biggest and widest-reaching telecommunications network in China, and is connected to every POP across China (we have two POPs in Russia too). Our experts have been supporting European and Asian organisations to do business in China for more than twenty years. Our International Data Centres provide scalable capacity, secure storage and a resilient environment for all your data services and IT operations.

100% bespoke technology solutions

When you partner with us, everything we do is geared to the specific needs of your business. You get a tailored solution that delivers the performance, flexibility and capabilities you demand – from Internet Services and Private VPNs to dedicated point-to-point bandwidth services.

Choose China Telecom as your technology partner for China and APAC, and use our expertise to help your customers succeed in the world’s fastest-growing consumer market.

Want to know more about CTE’s solutions or how we can help you with your specific business needs? Get in touch today.