China Telecom unveils achievements and plans at ITU Telecom World 2019

China Telecom was an important exhibitor within the China National Pavilion at ITU Telecom World 2019. The global telecoms provider shared some recent results as well as plans for the future.

“Belt and Road Initiative” spreads prosperity

China Telecom is working with countries along the route of the “Belt and Road Initiative” as it extends its reach. These countries are achieving excellent results and experiencing successful economic development as they connect to global network resources and improve their integrated information services.

International operators gain from China Telecom’s expertise

New case studies also showcased China Telecom’s network coverage and business capabilities worldwide. International operators and multinational customers are already benefitting from China Telecom’s commitment to first-class communications consulting, design and construction planning, and end-to-end support.

China Telecom offers customers bespoke intelligent information services that are comprehensive and cost-effective. Now they can turn to one expert supplier for international private lines, virtual private networks, internet access and transit services, fixed and mobile voice services, data centre and cloud services, international ICT, overseas consulting and outsourcing, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technology.

Global networks expand and strengthen connections

China Telecom was China’s first operator with a global outlook. Close to home, it has built strong networks on land and in space. That includes an unrivalled presence in Central Asia, Mongolia, South Asia and the Mekong River, based on 61 land cables laid in countries and regions near China.

Around the world, China Telecom has been involved in building 12 international and regional submarine cables. It has secured the use of another 41 submarine cables through IRU and other agreements. And it is working on continuous improvements of network service resources and capabilities in the Americas, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. China Telecom now has 183 international network nodes including 18 IDC nodes, in 42 countries and regions. The international transmission export bandwidth exceeds 50T.

China Telecom International and China Communications Services (the overseas and internal development arms of China Telecom) are working together to construct significant optical cables. Their aims are, first, to strengthen the Eurasian communications infrastructure. And second, to position themselves as major players in developing information-based economies across Europe, supporting smart city development and other influential projects.

China Telecom supports smarter futures

Now China Telecom is using its superior network coverage and expertise in collaborative and innovative operations to expand its global offering – targeting large-scale international projects – and to develop regional information and communications industries. Customers around the world are benefitting from flexible and varied global information solutions.

In the years ahead, China Telecom will continue to build information highways along the “Belt and Road’ and develop global communications according to the principles of “change, co-operate, share”.

Countries and regions along these routes will gain from new channels and routes to market. And users around the world will enjoy smarter futures and a better exchange of information, all thanks to China Telecom’s comprehensive network and intelligent information services.


Picture caption:

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, and the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Houlin Zhao, visit China Telecom’s stand at ITU Telecom World 2019, Budapest, 9th September 2019.



China Telecom provides integrated telecoms and communications services as local solutions for Chinese companies and global solutions for multinational corporations. China Telecom’s unrivalled knowledge of the Chinese market, and regional offices across Europe and the Americas, make China Telecom an ideal partner for international businesses looking to work in China and Asia.