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Your digital silk road to China

China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. – A global provider of VPNs, Data Networking Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure, IP Transit and Unified Communications to businesses across Europe and China.

Why Choose China Telecom (Europe)?

As more and more companies do business with China, they’re looking for a one-stop provider for secure connectivity across the globe. China Telecom (Europe) (CTE)’s wide range of products and services meet all their needs and are fully compliant with European and Chinese regulatory requirements.

Extensive global coverage

We connect your business to your offices around the world, using our China Telecom network of land and sea cables plus points of presence (PoPs).

High-speed connections

We keep your team and data securely connected through our industry-leading low latency speeds.

Flexible solutions

We are your one-stop shop for cross-border telecommunications technology, providing solutions tailored to fit your business needs.

Strong presence across Europe

We come to you, wherever you are. Our people are based in 20 countries across Europe and speak all the leading European languages, as well as being experts on China.

An overview of our key solutions

Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN)

Digitally transform to future proof your business.

China Telecom (Europe)’s software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution is flexible and secure, and fits businesses of every size. Feature-rich, to give your business exactly the connectivity it needs between Europe and Asia, it’s also fully compliant with China’s cyber-security regulations.

Cloud solutions

Empower your business to work from anywhere, anytime

China Telecom (Europe) provides comprehensive cloud solutions for when you move your business to the cloud. Whether you are moving gradually with a hybrid cloud model or migrating completely and removing your on-premise servers, we can fulfil your needs. We are cloud-agnostic, from Alibaba Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Let us work with you to develop and implement your cloud strategy for today and into the future.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions

Keep your cross-border connections secure and reliable

China Telecom (Europe)’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions deliver secure and reliable connections between Europe and China with our Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) VPN. Whichever you choose, our team of China experts can advise and implement the best connectivity solution for your business, and ensure your teams stay connected across borders.

International Ethernet Private Lines

Connect for performance, speed and security with a fully managed network

China Telecom (Europe) provides International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL) so you can choose dedicated, point to point or point to multi-point international connectivity between Europe and China. Our hundreds of Points of Presence (PoPs) combine with our partners’ PoPs to give your office communications and data better connections across the globe. Give your team fast, secure, stable connections for when split second decision-making is vital.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Deliver online content fast to satisfy clients and customers

China Telecom (Europe) works with businesses to deliver their huge libraries of content: video, audio, online games, software downloads and user-generated content. Our industry-leading technology ensures fast, high quality transmission, so your customers can access what they want easily, and you keep your customers happy.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Make connectivity work harder with smart technology

China Telecom (Europe) works with you to find Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that overcome some of your most pressing business challenges. We use our hands-on expertise in IoT technology to support European businesses looking to advance how they work. Whether it’s tracking the movement of high value products, building telemetry data for vehicles or finding new ways to improve your business, our experts use their experience to help you solve problems with IoT-based solutions.

ICT and Managed services

Set up for success with a team of technology experts

China Telecom (Europe) takes the stress out of IT, using our expertise in hardware, software and connectivity solutions. Your outsourced IT team can help you develop a high-tech office space, working on the ground to ensure your technology needs are met with support when you need it.  Focus on what matters rather than getting stuck in the details of planning and setting up technology.

Corporate voice solutions

Voice solutions to keep your team talking to the world

China Telecom (Europe) provides enterprise businesses with corporate voice solutions that allow your team to stay in touch across borders. Wherever they are in the world, we ensure your people can always make the important calls that drive your business. Our corporate voice solutions are ideal for businesses looking for a simple and efficient voice infrastructure to handle both internal and external communications.


Dominique Chappuis

Vice President Network ServicesOpen Systems AG

Thanks to China Telecom (Europe)and their strong regional resources and competence. Open Systems has helped end customers to gain excellent network connectivity in the APAC region. Sales figures aside, CTE has demonstrated their consistent and efficient service deliverability with their high-level availability solutions. We look forward to taking this partnership to the next level.

Ignacio Marco

Commercial DirectorSaima Systems

China Telecom was our first choice as a partner, because of their extensive infrastructure backbone and network throughout China, connecting to Europe and the rest of the world. The team from China Telecom (Europe) (CTE) is very easy to work with. We saw this from the beginning with our interactions with CTE.

Roberto Vitali

European Marketing & Sales ManagerBenelli Motorcycle

I had the great opportunity to work together with China Telecom (Europe) in developing a new and exciting project to let our motorcycles communicate with us. We are talking about Internet of Things (IoT) and Benelli is one of the first motorcycle brands to work on it and introduce it for two wheels. To do this we wanted to choose the best partners and it was obvious that one of these is China Telecom (Europe).

Latest from CTE

September 25, 2020

“True friendship in adversity”: The city of Verona thanks China Telecom for its support during the pandemic

Verona, Italy, last update 16th September 2020 China Telecom has been recognised among the “team of silent angels” – companies, restaurants, organisations and communities – who have been publicly thanked for their outstanding assistance to the city and people of Verona during the COVID-19 pandemic. On 16th September, Mayor Federico Sboarina and councillor Daniele Polato […]
September 2, 2020

China Telecom wins twice at CC-GLOBAL AWARDS for telecom achievements

China Telecom Global (CTG) has won “Best IoT Solution Provider” and “Euro-Asia Regional Operator of the Year” at the 2020 GCCM (Global Carrier Community Meeting). The awards are independent recognition of the quality and service of CTG’s Internet of Things and telecom products in the Eurasian region. They’re also a welcome boost to morale for […]

Upcoming Events

September 2, 2020

[Webinar] 云呼叫中心平台:弹性扩容、快速开通、稳定易用,为海外中资企业量身打造

随着业务的拓展,您是如何管理整个欧洲的客户联系与服务的 无论是客户销售推广、还是客户售后支持,作为出海企业我们需要一个稳定的呼叫中心平台系统来保障业务的顺利运转。良好的客户服务能够构建用户的自信心,增加品牌忠诚度,并鼓励他们重复购买。而打造良好的用户体验闭环,智能、安全的呼叫中心是其中重要的组成部分。
August 26, 2020

Connect with China: overcome your challenges, with support in your own language

Connect with China: overcome your challenges, with support in your own language China, the world’s largest single marketplace, offers huge opportunities for businesses in Russia & CIS countries. To succeed, your clients need reliable telecoms and technology to reach Chinese consumers and businesses. How can you provide strong, fast, stable connections? Who can help you access Chinese […]

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