Share our excitement. Find out how you can benefit from the high quality and value of our service offerings, our state-of-the-art network, and our exceptional partner support organisation. Experience the difference a world-class provider can bring to your bottom line. Take advantage of the financial opportunities created by selling China Telecom Europe’s services.

China Telecom Europe’s Agent Partner Program was designed around several key goals:

  • To help our partners succeed and generate more revenue
  • To provide an industry-leading portfolio of strategic vendor relationships
  • To empower our partners to deliver as much of a customer’s total solution as possible
  • To give our partners the necessary support to succeed
  • To make ease of doing business a cornerstone of our relationship

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Partnership Description

Referral “Agent” Partnership:

  • Simple Contracting Process
  • Partner Programme
  • Marketing Support
  • Focus on Partner Field Force (Incentives)
  • Day to Day Channel Management


Registered Reseller “Channel” Partnership:

  • Sell with/ Sell through
  • Product Support
  • Technical/Solution Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Relationship / Sale’s Process owned by Partner

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