Cloud conferencing, which is oriented to overseas transnational corporate customers, can provide customers with telephone conferencing service with global reach. The product implements main business functions based on cloud business platform, and supports connection of many end equipment (fixed phone, mobile phone, SIP Terminal or PC Terminal) to conference system without configuration. A cloud conferencing subscriber (under any telecom operator) in business-covered countries and regions can enjoy cloud conferencing service conveniently by just dialling the conference access number (or invitation for outgoing conference call).

Customers request conferencing service by dialling conference access number (or invitation for outgoing conference call). Customers’ calls are connected to China Telecom’s international switching network via the networks of their operators. China Telecom’s international switching network is responsible for promoting flow of telephone traffic, and connecting the calls to cloud conferencing platform based on business properties.

Multi-terminal Connection Without Configuration, SIP enjoy free calls

Customers can have access to the conference system by just providing terminals like fixed phone (or mobile phone, SIP Terminal and PC Terminal) without configuration. You will enjoy free calls using our custom developed app.

Wide Business Coverage and Clear Voice

Conference access service covers 51 countries and regions and its outgoing conference call service covers 77 countries and regions; it guarantees voice quality for customers through the voice communication network exclusive to China Telecom.

No Limit for Number of Conference Participants with Free ITFS Connection

Cloud conferencing sets no limitation on the number of conference participants, thus satisfying enterprises’ needs for conferences of any scale.

Get Connected to Conference in Two Steps

Customers can have access to the conferencing service conveniently by dialling conference access number and then entering their Pass Codes following the voice prompts.

Multiple Choices for Outgoing Conference Call

Two choices are available: outgoing telephone call and outgoing Web call. After getting access to conference system, customers can make telephone calls by just pressing “*” and entering the telephone number of the conference participant following voice prompts of the system; in the meantime, customers can make outgoing Web calls by logging into the call page of cloud conferencing self-service website and filling in the telephone number of conference participant.

Office Work in Palm with Mobile APP

Via the mobile APP software that China Telecom developed in support of cloud conferencing, customers can get connected with conference and manage it through mobile phone applications.

Good Conference Management with Self-Service

Cloud conferencing provides customers with self-service system featuring convenient login and easy operation. Customers can set business and manage conference conveniently via the self-service system.