China Telecom is offering a professional ICT service in over 72 countries and regions globally, these include Mainland China, Hong Kong, America, Europe, the Middle East, major countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa, etc. With a powerful service platform, China Telecom provides communications solutions, reliable services and a one-stop integrated information platform for customers around the world.

China Telecom’s data centre engineering solutions use new technologies and concepts to reduce operation, maintenance and energy consumption costs, and improve the overall efficiency of data centre operations. They also implement highly cost-effective data centre engineering protocols, all to maximize any given data centre’s investment value.

China Telecom’s IBS engineering solutions integrate computer technology, communication technology and information technology to provide automated management for properties such as commercial buildings, residential areas, hotels, factories and parks. The solutions ensure residents and visitors have a safe and comfortable working and living environment, provide a service management platform for property managers, enhance property profitability levels, and reduce operational costs for investors. China Telecom’s IBS engineering solutions include the BA (Building Automation), OA (Office Automation), CA (Communication Automation) and SA (Security Automation) Systems.

With its rich experience in IT consulting, planning, design, deployment, operation and further optimisation for its global corporate customers, China Telecom provides its customers with tailored IT Infrastructure deployment schemes suitable for their business development.

Through its rich experience in operating carrier-class service networks, and its globally distributed technical support centres and local service teams, China Telecom provides customers with the highest standard of professional IT outsourcing services. These range from IT equipment maintenance and network maintenance to operation services and business outsourcing, and offer a one-stop global services solution for business consulting, business acceptance, technical support, failure rectification, and billing and accounting services.