No longer do businesses have the luxury of single site implementations and regional service scopes. In a rapidly expanding global economy, the power of telecommunications, collaboration and IT efficiency, has taken the leap into much larger domains. For organisations in need of cloud, colocation or global content delivery services, China Telecom provides the extensive cloud and data centre resources necessary for businesses to successfully achieve their digital transformation strategies.

Enterprise Cloud Services. With our highly scalable cloud deployment products and hosting services, from secure connectivity to AWS or Azure in China, to shared and dedicated IaaS services, from cloud servers to fully managed infrastructure, we can design and deliver an array of public, private and hybrid cloud environments needed to power your business in China.

Data Centre Colocation & Engineering. Our worldwide network of high-performance and secure Internet data centres, offers the services and capacity for all your organisation’s hosting and colocation IT needs.

Content Delivery Network. Our sophisticated, high-quality data transmission solution, designed specifically for the complex challenges involved in delivering multimedia, online gaming, software distribution and other high-volume content delivery applications, is reaching the most nodes  in China, compared to any other provider.

Partnering with leading technologies companies like VMware, Microsoft and Cisco, lead by dedicated teams of cloud specialists and network engineers, China Telecom Europe delivers a full suite of public, private and hybrid solutions enabling every customer to achieve successful, cost-effective cloud deployments that scale with the speed of their business in China.

Why CT Cloud?

  • Scalability– Build a simple, secure high-performance cloud architecture to give your business the agility and scalability needed for growth at a lower total cost ownership.
  • Agility– Deliver new applications to users faster using our IaaS services, because you don’t need to set up the necessary infrastructure.
  • Availability– colocation services across a 300+ data centre network in China.
  • Assurance – Achieve cloud computing’s cost efficiencies while ensuring data sovereignty in vast network of Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centre facilities.
  • Adoption – Use interfaces and tools you already know, which helps you migrate workloads as seamlessly as possible.
  • Expansion – Run and operate Cloud with China Telecom and extend the capacity and expertise of your own IT operations team.
  • Disaster recovery – Enable disaster recovery options over the Internet that allow the replication of critical workloads to the Cloud.
  • Speed – Quickly deploy development, test and production servers.