At China Telecom, we offer a fully connected, one-stop omni-channel solution that gives retailers the confidence, security and robustness needed for successful business growth in Asia. We not only understand the business landscape and culture perfectly; we also offer the connectivity options that you require and the extensive network coverage in China that you demand.

What do we Offer

  • Your one-stop global Smart WAN solution
  • In-store engagement through WiFi
  • Transform your retail marketing with China Telecom’s solutions

Improving operational efficiencies

  • Real time knowledge: Our secure and quality network enables retailers to stay connected with every single store and outlet in China as well as their manufacturing sites throughout Asia. Communication with HQs is even easier via China Telecom’s Euro-Asia network solution.
  • Slicker inventory management: Balance demand and supply and eliminate out-of-stock situations so that customers don’t leave empty-handed. Instead, items can be held at another store or the order processed immediately at the distribution centre.
  • Analyse customer behaviour: Gain insight into regional, seasonal and other sales trends in a timely manner. Analyse sales data across online and offline channels and use as a demand indicator to optimise inventory management and predict customer demand.