Your global business has to stay agile to keep your people, data, applications and other IT resources connected and working effectively. Your communications infrastructures must serve the new reality — your business users and IT teams are directly involved in activities that demand huge amounts of connectivity, computing resource and storage, everywhere.

China Telecom Europe has the answer — a complete range of IaaS solutions to help you connect and scale your business in China, confidently and cost-effectively. Whether you’re looking for simple access to shared/dedicated virtual resources, or you need end-to-end managed services, including ecosystem planning, automation and orchestration services.

Our cloud server infrastructure lets you build, monitor and manage your individualised cloud service. It can be integrated and managed across hybrid environments, so it meets your needs for both private and public environments.

Our secure, premium-quality virtual resource pool of computing, storage and network services, including a user-friendly management console and pay-as-you-go options, means you can quickly and easily deploy and automate workloads in China.

With CTE’s Cloud Server you get:

  • Microsoft or Linux OS
  • Up to 16 vCPUs
  • Up to 64G RAM
  • 10G — 2TB per disk
  • 1Mbps — 100Mbps bandwidth
  • One public IP per VM (additional IPs require approval)
  • Dedicated firewall with RDP
  • Self-service portal & management console (in Chinese or English)
  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • 24/7 security management
  • 24/7 global NOC with bilingual support (Chinese and English)

Get the flexibility you need to store your data with our cost-efficient storage, accessible from anywhere in the world. Our high-performance network reduces latency, so users feel like the data they need is right next door.

With China Telecom Europe’s Cloud Storage you get:

  • Our cloud storage platform, built on object-based storage systems.  Allows easy scalability. Specifically designed for the internet, mass data, data sharing and data analysis
  • Multiple classes of storage to suit standard and performance application requirements
  • Storage control on both transmission and access. Supports data isolation and data privacy policy. Fully compatible with Amazon S3 Interface
  • Internal storage for VMs using FC SAN, VSAN with SSD cache
  • Disaster recovery, ensuring the safety of your most critical data. Fast and reliable data storage, retention and recovery. Robust business continuity and security in a high-performance cloud environment, guaranteed
  • Back up/recovery using replication and third party applications
  • Easy-to-use management console for self-service storage provisioning
  • Computing, storage, network hardware rental and managed cloud services also available