ChinaNet (AS4134), the world’s most extensive network of Chinese Internet information, has more than 2.3 million Chinese websites, over 300 IDCs in Mainland China and infrastructure to support the world’s largest network of Internet users. With millions of miles of fibre optic cable, ChinaNet provides extensive local access to our 107 million broadband subscribers and 118 million 3G/4G mobile Internet subscribers.

Helping you to connect to ChinaNet is our global network infrastructure. It consists of 33 submarine cables, over 10 of which we were involved in development, and delivers a total international capacity of more than 9T. As the world’s largest fixed-line and broadband service provider, you can rely on us as your trusted partner for Global Internet Service.

China Telecom Europe’s IP network services are backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and are competitively priced, ensuring superior performance, reliability and value. Our high-capacity, fully-managed network enables enterprises to easily upgrade bandwidth requirements to quickly and cost effectively scale with business growth.

ChinaNet (AS4134), equipped with a robust Internet network, holds the largest number of broadband subscribers and best access channel into the China Internet market.

CN2 (AS4809), our next-generation MPLS/IP network also delivers highly efficient global transit services to further optimise the end user experience. Based on Cisco and Juniper backbone technology, CN2 offers multiple classes of service for both voice and data to ensure carrier-grade service, and reaches more subscribers in Asia than any other network.

Global Internet Service Options:

  • ChinaNet Paid-peering – Provides worldwide telecom operators with one-hop access to China Telecom’s Chinese internet resources
  • China Access – Provides regional/local ISP/ICP with cost effective Chinese internet resources solution
  • Global Transit – Provides global internet service with SLA guarantee to telecom operator customers
  • Global Internet Access – Provides premium internet access between mainland China and countries outside China with SLA guarantee to the regional/local ISP/ICP and enterprise customers

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Largest and most extensive IP network in China with millions of miles of fibre optic cable
  • Extends into all major cities and high-bandwidth locations
  • Interconnection reaches 160Gbps with other Chinese carriers
  • Fully meshed and redundant network backbone
  • 24/7 Multiple Network Operations Centres (NOCS)