Looking to grow your business in China or establish a presence? China Telecom Europe (CTE) can help you. CTE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global (CTG), the international arm of China Telecom.

We can integrate all your international communications needs under one global contract. We call it the Digital Silk Road. Let us handle your data, voice, cloud, hosting and ICT requirements; and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the safe hands of industry experts with local knowledge.

CTE is the leading Chinese provider of international telecommunication and ICT services. We serve European multinational enterprises, Chinese enterprises in Europe, carriers, telecom service providers and Europe-based Chinese consumers.

We have an extensive global network providing services than span the world. We offer you more options than any other carrier when you do business with China.

Our European-Asia Network consists of more terrestrial and submarine routes than any of our competitors. Domestically, we are the owner/operator of the largest digital network in China. This results in superior lower latency, greater diversity and improved resilience when accessing business applications to and from China.

Best of all, you can get all the services you want from one provider. CTE seamlessly connects your global business to the world’s largest single marketplace.

  • Extensive European-Asia Network – transiting TMP, TEA, TEA2, TEA 4, CR2, TSR, SMW3, SMW4 and SMW5 cable systems.
  • World’s largest fixed-line operator (144 million fixed access lines in service).
  • World’s largest broadband operator (127 million subscribers).
  • Owns and operates China’s largest optical fibre network: over 83,000 km long, covering 70% of China’s territory and connecting all Chinese cities.
  • Owns and operates ChinaNet, China’s largest Internet network.
  • Owns and operates China’s largest MPLS VPN network, based on our next-generation, carrier-class, IPv6-capable Internet backbone network.
  • Primary service provider in all 21 southern provinces in China.
  • Owns comprehensive trans-Pacific cable systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SEA-ME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, SMW5, FASTER, Flag, TAE, etc.
  • International bilateral connectivity to 100+ countries.
  • More than 670,000 professionals employed around the world.
  • Ranked #133 on Fortune’s Global 500 in 2017.

China Telecom Europe’s mission is to deliver high-quality data and voice solutions and services between Europe and China to businesses and carriers. China Telecom Europe is committed to providing unparalleled service and support. Our company provides one-stop for a full suite of telecommunications service. China Telecom Europe can support the following:

  • One-Stop Inquiries: A local, single point of contact for global telecom service information
  • One-Stop Ordering: A local, single point of contact for ordering global services
  • One-Stop Billing: One invoice presented in a unified currency, streamlining the payment process
  • One-Stop Fault Reporting: A local, single point of contact for timely resolution

China Telecom Global Limited (CTG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited for managing international business. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, CTG has set up branches in 26 countries spanning across Asia, Americas and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to offer world-class integrated communication services. CTG’s comprehensive portfolio of Data, IP, Voice, Internet Data Centre and ICT solutions deliver industry-leading resilience, speed, and diversity to meet the high-level requirements from our customers and partners. Leveraging on the dominant strength in global network of its mother company, CHINA TELECOM, CTG has firmly taken hold of the market opportunities of the booming mobile Internet and the increasing demand for vertical information technology solutions and has positioned itself as “a leader of smart pipes, a provider of the integrated platform and a participant in contents and applications”.

To learn more about China Telecom Global, please visit www.chinatelecomglobal.com.

CHINA TELECOM (SEHK: 0728; NYSE: CHA) is one of the three leading telecom operators in China and has been on the list of the “Fortune 500 Companies” for many consecutive years. Being an integrated information service provider, China Telecom provides customers with integrated information service solutions, which cover broad-band Internet access, mobile communications, information technology applications and fixed-line telephone services. Meanwhile, the Company has been making every effort to improve its strengths in innovation, service, intensiveness and operation, whilst striving to build its core strength for sustainable development and the parallel growth of the corporate value and the customer value.