With the proliferation of Cloud applications and IoT connected devices, enterprises embracing digital transformation are demanding a shift to SD-WAN technologies that promise greater flexibility and agility. As a global technology leader, China Telecom is pleased to announce we have set out to build a best-in-class SD-WAN platform built over our advanced private network, delivering network controls to secure and manage your data while offering access to your customers, partners and employees in China, Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Our SD-WAN Platform Objectives

  • Connect customers’ overseas branches with greater security
  • Ability to adapt in real time to bandwidth demands and network conditions
  • Reduce WAN complexity and maintenance
  • Decrease your management and administration costs

Our SD-WAN Platform Features

  • Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) / Mass Traffic Transfer Support
  • WAN Optimisation –  Protocol acceleration, Compression, De-duplication
  • vCPE – Rapid delivery (minute level), Simple configuration modules, Hardware decoupling, NFV re-architect support
  • Traffic Encryption
  • Traffic Visualisation  – Visualised topology, reports with multiple alerts
  • Access to Public Cloud Platforms

Our Plans in 2017

Currently, we have selected Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Frankfurt as the initial deployment cities for SD-WAN proof-of-concept testing. By Q3 2017, we plan to build at least four SD-WAN sites in geographically strategic locations, including Singapore, Sydney, Paris and London.

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